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Keynote Speakers

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Kim Carter-Tillman

Kim Carter-Tillman is the visionary Founder of Time for Change Foundation, established in 2002 to support previously incarcerated homeless women and their children. Under her leadership, the Foundation has grown significantly, with a budget that has increased by 500% and the development of comprehensive housing solutions including emergency shelters, supportive housing units, and the Phoenix Square affordable housing project. Kim's entrepreneurial spirit extends to the creation of the Center for Housing Advancement and Motivational Projects (CHAMP) in 2010, where she provides training and technical assistance to enhance the performance of professional organizations.

In 2017, Kim became a certified Gallup's Strength Coach, furthering her impact through CHAMP by training various professionals in service delivery. Her commitment to minority empowerment led to the establishment of the Black and Brown Opportunities for Profit (BBOP) Center in 2022, a hub for minority women entrepreneurs. Kim is also an author, with notable works including "Waking Up to My Purpose" and "Invisible Bars." Her dedication to social justice and community empowerment has been recognized with numerous awards, including the James Irvine Leadership Award and the Top 10 CNN Heroes Award.

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Steve Pemberton

Steve Pemberton is a renowned senior HR executive, human capital strategist, and bestselling author. He is celebrated for his exceptional storytelling skills and his ability to engage with a wide range of audiences, from corporate America to non-profit organizations. Throughout his career, Steve has held influential leadership positions at notable companies such as and Walgreens, and most recently, he served as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Workhuman. In this role, he was instrumental in promoting a culture of humanity and purpose in the workplace, focusing on employee engagement and performance management solutions.

Steve's personal journey, from overcoming the challenges of the foster care system to becoming a prominent figure in the HR world, is captured in his bestselling book, "A Chance in the World." This inspiring story was even adapted into an independent film, highlighting his resilience and determination. His second book, "The Lighthouse Effect: How Ordinary People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact in the World," provides practical advice for transforming personal adversity into a mission to assist others.

As a speaker, Steve Pemberton is highly praised for his collaborative approach and ability to tailor his messages to the specific goals of each event. He is a frequent presenter at major HR conferences and is often sought after by the media for his insights on workplace trends and talent strategies. His contributions to the field of HR and his commitment to making a positive impact on society have earned him numerous honors, including the Horizon Award from the U.S. Congress and honorary doctorates from several universities.

Steve's dedication to community well-being is evident in his involvement with various boards, including the University & College Accountability Network and Boys Hope Girls Hope. Through his "Lighthouse Effect" philosophy, he continues to inspire individuals and organizations to lead with purpose and compassion, making a lasting difference in the world.

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Justin & Alexis Black 

Justin and Alexis are authors, speakers, business owners, and part of the Forbes Next 1000 class of 2021. Together, they’ve published a twelve-time, award-winning, international bestselling book titled “Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love” that has impacted over 30,000 individuals and families.  


Now they are releasing a new children's book teaching the principles of love titled “I Love You More Than Cereal: Maeva and Dad Redefine Love.” With ROSE (Rising Over Societal Expectations) Empowerment Group and Redefining Normal, they hope to continue the conversation on healthy relationships, mental health, and healing to help others create a life worth living.  


With their new venture, Story to Stages, they are supporting others in creating a brand and getting on stage to share their story and expertise. 

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Bryn Lottig

Bryn Lottig is the author of No Child Left Inside and one of the proud co-founders of Kikori. In addition to holding a Masters degree, she has honed her expertise in Adventure-Based Experiential Education over twenty years of using adventure as a medium to develop social and emotional skills in learners of all ages. Her passion lies in crafting and leading programs that translate outdoor experiences into lifelong learning, whether in schools or through professional development. She believes in empowering individuals to embrace challenges as a catalyst for growth and discovery. She lives with her husband and their two children in Northern Wisconsin. To learn more about her work, visit

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